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What is double sided foam tape?

double-sided foam tape

Speaking of practicality and versatility, we have to talk about our double sided foam tape. Double sided foam tape can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Today we will learn about what double-sided foam tape is.

Definition and Composition

Double sided foam tape, also known as foam mounting tape or double-sided coated foam adhesive tape, is a type of adhesive tape that has adhesive on both sides and a foam core. The foam core provides thickness and cushioning, allowing it to conform to uneven surfaces and create a strong bond between two substrates. Manufacturers usually use PE/EVA material to form foam

The manufacturing process of foam core adhesive involves coating both sides with adhesive. This layer ensures strong bonding to surfaces. A release liner covers this adhesive until application when it can be easily peeled away to expose and reveal its adhesive for bonding purposes.

Types of double-sided foam tape

Usually, we used PE double-sided foam tape and EVA double-sided foam tape. Although all these tapes are foam-based, they all feature different properties and materials depending on what applications.



Double sided foam tape offers remarkable versatility. You can tailor it to meet any requirement you might need for almost any application, even environments with frequent temperature shifts, thanks to its adaptability that enables it to mount, glue or handle materials of various expansion rates. They can bond to a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, glass, wood, and painted surfaces, making it a versatile solution for various mounting and bonding applications.

Bonding Strength

Double sided foam tape offers strong bonding strength, making it ideal for mounting lightweight to moderately heavy objects such as signs, nameplates, trims, and mirrors.

Ease of Use

Utilizing double-sided foam tape is simple. The release liner peels away easily for fast application; once attached securely on surfaces without additional tools required. This ease of use saves both time and labor costs when used effectively. Double-sided foam tape can be designed for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor-grade tapes are often weather-resistant and can withstand exposure to UV light, moisture, and temperature variations.


While some double-sided foam tapes offer permanent bonding, others are designed for temporary or removable applications. Removable tapes allow for repositioning or removal of mounted objects without leaving residue or damaging surfaces.


Double-sided foam tape performs well in applications requiring temporary or dry maintenance. Homeowners often use this glue to attach lightweight items such as pictures, mirrors, and decorative items. This tape is a clean alternative to nails and screws and prevents wall damage. In addition, the tape can be fixed to the floor and floor mats, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

In industrial settings, double-sided foam tapes are valuable in bonding components in the electronics, automotive, and construction industries. The tape’s flexibility and cushioning properties make it suitable for sealing gaps and providing insulation. Manufacturers use this tape to reduce vibration and noise in machinery, thereby improving operational efficiency.

applications of double sided foam tape


Double sided foam tape is used for temporary or permanent fastening, packaging, soundproofing, thermal insulation, and gap filling. They are made from open- or closed-cell foam, coated with different types of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), and come in a variety of thicknesses. If you have requirements, they can also be die-cut, patched, or cut as roll for easier application. Double-sided foam tape is versatile and easy to use, suitable for domestic and light industrial applications. Double-sided foam tape is a popular choice for mounting objects in both residential and commercial settings due to its ease of use, strong bonding strength, and ability to conform to different surfaces.



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