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What is acrylic foam tape?

acrylic foam tape

Generally speaking, we use traditional mechanical fasteners such as rivets and rivets to fix two objects, but drilling holes will weaken the integrity of the object and make it unsightly. So now more and more people are using acrylic foam tape. Let us understand together what is acrylic foam tape. Acrylic foam tape is a double-sided tape with high viscosity and good weather resistance. It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as glass, ceramics, aluminum products, steel materials, etc.

What is acrylic foam tape made of?

The Acrylic adhesive tape is made of solvent acrylic foam and laminated with the release paper or film.

Why do we choose them?


The use of acrylic foam tape can be processed according to previously designed drawings, avoiding the complexity of actual operations, and can also greatly reduce construction time. Moreover, acrylic foam tape will not be like rivets, screws, bolts, and other mechanical fasteners due to the passage of time. , there is a risk of falling off, but it will become tighter and tighter. While the tape is easy to handle, Acrylic foam tape can be cut into various of different shapes and complex tolerances depending on the specific material and application

Compliance and viscoelasticity

Acrylic foam tape sticks well to different surfaces and fits well between two surfaces. Unlike traditional mechanical fasteners, due to the irregularities in the surface of different products, traditional fasteners cannot be used or fit poorly, resulting in extra costs.

Temperature resistance

Acrylic foam tape is ideal for use in areas frequently exposed to moisture, wind, or other harsh outdoor and high-impact environments. The good sealing performance of acrylic tape is not affected by the outside world. The viscosity will not decrease due to the passage of time but will become better and better. Acrylic foam tape can withstand a range of temperature extremes/UV resistance. For example, some VHB tapes can withstand temperatures as low as -68°F (-20°C) and as high as 284°F (140°C).


It can easily withstand many complex materials, oils, petroleum, and other solutions

Adherence to Any Surface

Acrylic foam tape can be used on materials such as glass, metal, and polycarbonate ceramics and maintains good adhesion.

What are the applications?

Automotive: Acrylic foam tape is mostly used in cars. Under the pressure under the hood of the car, the screws and bolts can easily fail and produce noise when the car is driving on rough roads. Using acrylic foam tape, on the contrary, due to sufficient pressure, two objects will fit better, and the glue can penetrate better, distributing the weight of any load evenly on its surface. The tape itself is also elastic and will stay flexible without breaking.

Acrylic Foam tape application-ampletape (4)

Electronics: In the electronics field, it is used for mounting components, screens and displays, and other bonding and sealing applications due to its flexibility, ease of operation, and favorable price.

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Construction: Due to its good adhesion and weather resistance, acrylic foam tape is used in construction to install glass panels, mirrors, and other fixtures.

Acrylic Foam tape application-ampletape (4)

Home appliances: The tape has good adhesion and can be used to stick signs and various patterns to a variety of surfaces. It can also withstand outdoor conditions and looks beautiful.

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AFT tape is a type of double-sided tape. It has strength, durability, temperature resistance, high adhesion, etc. And it can join different materials. If you are interested in it, please contact us. We are happy to hear you. And our products can replace 3m VHB.

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