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painter's tape

Painter's Tape

Painter’s Tape is backed with crepe paper, coated with water-based glue. It is widely used for indoor/outdoor painting.


  • Removed cleanly for up to 14 days, even in direct sunlight
  • Low adhesion
  • Easy to peel
  • Writeable
  • Can prevent paint from bleeding into covered areas

What do we have?

TypeItem No. ColorThicknessBackingInitial Tack(ball#)180° Peel adhesion Tensile strengthElongation at breakTemperature resistance
UV resistance blue  typeMT-4013Blue135umCrepe paper≥8#≥3.5N/in62N/in≥10%100℃*1 hour
UV resistance blue typeMT-4013Blue/green140umCrepe paper≥12#≥3N/in≥62N/in≥10%100℃*1 hour

What Is it Used For?

usage of painter's tape

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, masking tape include painter’s tape. Painter’s tape is the professional masking tape used in wall paint.

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