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masking tape

Masking Tape

Masking tape backed with crepe paper, coated with natural rubber/water-based glue and other types of glue.

Backing:Crepe paper

Color:Natural,white, yellow, blue, green, etc

Our Tapes

Provide different colors/thickness to meet your requirements. 

Masking tape
Masking tape
masking tape

What is the structure it?

structure of masking tape 1

Why choose masking tape?

  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to tear
  • Non-toxic
  • High-temperature resistance
  • No residue

What is masking tape used for?

usage of masking tape

what type do we have?

GradeItem No.ColorTotal ThicknessInitial Tack(ball#)180°Peel adhesionTensile StrengthElongation at breakTemperature resistanceApplications
General PurposeMT-40110yellow/white/beige0.110mm≥10≥4.5N/in≥70N/in≥6%60℃*1hourIndoor  & furniture, paint masking
General PurposeMT-40125yellow/white/beige0.125mm≥10≥6N/in≥71N/in≥6%60℃*1hourIndoor  & furniture, paint masking
General PurposeMT-40932Jnatural/white/beige/yellow0.160mm≥15≥8N/in≥65N/in≥8%70℃*1hourIndoor  & furniture, paint masking
Medium TemperatureMT–40130Mnatural/white/yellow0.130mm≥10≥6N/in≥66N/in≥6%80℃*1hourAutomobile,no residue
Medium TemperatureMT–40150Mnatural/white/beige/yellow0.150mm≥20≥7N/in≥89N/in≥6%80℃*1hourAutomobile,no residue
Medium TemperatureMT–40170Mnatural/white/beige/yellow0.170mm≥10≥6N/in≥96N/in≥6%80℃*1hourAutomobile,no residue
High TemperatureMT-40160Hnatural/white/yellow0.160mm≥10≥10N/in≥96N/in≥6%120℃*1hourHigh temperature
paint masking, automotive
High TemperatureMT-4016K yellow/green0.160mm≥10≥10N/in≥80N/in≥7%120℃*1hour UV 30 daysHigh temperature
paint masking, automotive
High TemperatureMT-40170X yellow/green0.170mm/≥10N/in≥100N/in≥8%160℃*1hour UV 14 daysHigh temperature
paint masking, automotive
High TemperatureMT-40150Hnatural/white/yellow0.150mm≥10≥6N/in≥78N/in≥6%160℃*1hourHigh temperature
paint masking

Come, join us!


  1. We have bulk masking tape in different industries. From general purpose to automotive purpose/high temperature purpose etc.
  2. We can custom masking tape for you no matter what size/priting/ packaging.
  3. We also have painters tape for painting. If you need them, please kindly tell us.

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