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kraft paper tape

Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape includes 2 types. They are  water-activated gummed paper tape and self-adhesive kraft paper tape. Self-adhesive type is  is carried with kraft paper and coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.  Water-activated gummed paper tape is coated with starch adhesive and kraft paper as backing.  

Our Tapes

Provide different colors/thickness to meet your requirements. 

Gummed paper tape

Water-activated gummed paper tape

self-adhesive kraft paper tape

Writable self-adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

Water-activated gummed paper tape include water-activated gummed paper tape and water-activated reinforced gummed paper tape.  WAT has advantage which other carton sealing methods do not, including efficiency, security, environment-friendly, and a professional appearance.

Writable self -adhesive type is kraft tape with press sensitive adhesive. They are used for packaging, protection, bonding. The two most common adhesives used with paper tape are hot melt and natural rubber. It is also environment-friendly product. And it is easy to use, do not need water. They can print any design on it. 

Why choose it?

  • Surface writable
  • Convenient to hear
  • Environment friendly
  • Moderate viscosity
  • Easy to tear
  • Good adhesion


What Do We Have?

Type          Item No. Color    Adhesive   ThicknessPeel adhesionTensile Strength
 Self-adhesive type5013HBrownHotmelt0.13MM≥16N/in≥80N/in
Self-adhesive type5013NBrownNatural rubber0.13MM≥10N/in≥80N/in
Self-adhesive type5014HBrownHotmelt0.14MM≥18N/in≥80N/in
Self-adhesive type5014NBrownNatural rubber0.14MM≥10N/in≥80N/in

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