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Gummed paper tape

Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape , also known as Water-activated tape (WAT) gummed tape), is a paper tape with a starch adhesive that can be reactivated by water. We have water-activated tape and reinforced water-activated tape/reinforced gummed paper tape that has cross-woven glass fibers for extra strength and resistance.

Our Types

Provide different colors/thickness to meet your requirements. 

Gummed paper tape 1

Water-activated Tape

reinforced Gummed paper tape

Reinforced Water-activated tape

Printed Gummed paper tape

Printed water-activated tape

Water-activated tape is water-activated non reinforced kraft paper tape and friendly environment. It is made of starch adhesive and white/brown kraft paper. 


Reinforced water-activated tape is water-activated reinforced kraft paper tape and green environmental protection type. It is made of starch adhesive, fiberglass and kraft paper. 


Printed water-activated tape is printing any design for your requirements. 

Why choose it? 

  • Environment friendly
  • Secure bond
  • Anti-theft

What do we have?

TypeItem No. Color AdhesiveBackingReinforcement Total ThicknessTensile strength
Gummed paper  tapeWAT-570NaturalStarch Adhesive70g/m2 Kraft paperNo0.12MMMD 175N/in /CD 55N/in
Gummed paper tapeWAT-582WhiteStarch Adhesive80g/m2 Kraft paperNo0.13MMMD 155N/in /CD 95N/in
Reinforced Water-activated gummed tapeWAT-5150NaturalStarch Adhesive40g/m2+40g/m2 Kraft paperFiberglass0.14MMMD 287N/in /CD 92N/in
Reinforced Water-activated gummed tapeWAT-5152WhiteStarch Adhesive40g/m2+40g/m2 Kraft paperFiberglass0.13MMMD 210N/in /CD 105N/in
Reinforced Water-activated gummed tapeWAT-5750NaturalStarch Adhesive40g/m2+40g/m2 Kraft paperFiberglass0.15MMMD 310N/in /CD 95N/in


How to use water-activated tape?

Wet the back smooth side of the tape or the unprinted side.


You can do this manually by using a wet sponge (included with your order) or by using a tape machine/dispenser.

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