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double-sided foam tape

Double-sided foam tape

Double-sided foam tape is tape-based on PE/EVA, coated acrylic adhesive/hot melt adhesive on both sides, and backed release film liner/release paper liner.

Our Tapes

Provide different colors/thickness to meet your requirements. 

double-sided PE foam tape

double-sided PE foam tape

Double-sided EVA foam tape

double-sided EVA Foam tape

Double-sided PE foam tape is made of PE foam as the base material and coated with  glue. It has strong adhesion, good shock absorption performance, strong weather resistance, solvent resistance, anti-aging, and excellent adhesion to uneven surfaces. , easy to punch.

Double-sided EVA foam tape is e based on EVA foam, both sides coated with adhesive and back with released paper

Why Choose Double-sided Foam Tape?

  • Strong adhesion
  • Excellent crack resistance
  • High strength/temperature resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Good flexibility

What do we have?

TypeItemAdhesiveThickness without linerColorInitial tackPeel adhesionHolding  powerTemperatureFeatures
Waterproof PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-103150BAcrylic  Adhesive150umBlack≤250mm≥10N/in≥24H100℃waterproof foam, good processing performance, can be die-cut into the ultra-narrow frame for waterproof structure
Waterproof PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-103250BAcrylic  Adhesive250umBlack≤250mm≥12N/in≥24H80℃waterproof foam, suitable for bonding of nameplates and decorative parts with waterproof requirements
High-density PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-103200BAcrylic  Adhesive200umBlack≤50mmDamaged on the steel panel≥24H80℃Ultra-thin, light-load bonding applications
High-density PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-1010600BAcrylic  Adhesive600umBlack≤50mmDamaged on the steel panel≥24H80℃bonding of various sign decoration parts
High-density PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-10101000BAcrylic  Adhesive1000umWhite≤50mmDamaged on the steel panel≥24H80℃bonding of various nameplate decorations
High-density PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-1015900BAcrylic  Adhesive900umGrey≤50mmDamaged on the steel panel≥24H80℃bonding of various nameplate decorations
Low-density PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-1012600BAcrylic  Adhesive600umBlack≤100mmDamaged on the steel panel≥2/bonding of various nameplate decorations
General-purpose PE foam tapeAT-DSPFT-10201100BHot melt adhesive1100umBlack≤200mmDamaged on the steel panel.//general-purpose bonding
General-purpose EVA foam tapeAT-DSPFT-103811000BHot melt adhesive1100umWhite≤200mmDamaged on the steel panel//general-purpose bonding

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