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Anti-slip tape

Anti slip Tape

Anti slip Tape /anti-skid/non-skid tape is ideal for hazardous areas, such as steps and walkways. It is water-proof and can be used indoor and outdoor. We have PEVA/PET /PVC anti-slip tape. Colors have black/blue/brown/yellow/green/grey/red/white/orange/black+white/black+yellow/red+white/customizable pattern. 

Our Tapes

Provide different types and color tapes

anti-slip tape

PET anti skid tape

anti-slip tape

PEVA anti skid tape

anti-slip tape

PVC anti skid tape

Glow anti slip tape

Glow anti slip tape

anti-slip tape with reflective strip

anti slip tape with reflective strip

Anti-slip tape with glow strip

Anti slip tape with glow strip

PET anti-skid tape is based on PET film that covered with carborundum, coated with solvent acrylic glue. It has high tensile strength,rigidity and hardness, which is waterproof, has good chemical stability. 

PEVA anti-skid tape is based on PEVA film coated with solvent, environmental, good elasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion. 

PVC anti-skid tape is made of PVC film and quartz/emery/aluminum oxide sand coated with acryic glue. PVC anti slip tape is soft, easy tear, and can be excellently adhereed to different surfaces. 

Glow anti-slip strip can glow in the night. It is soft, easy tear, and can be excellently adhered to different surfaces.

Anti-slip tape with reflective/glow strip is made of PET film, then covered with carborundum grit, the middle combined with glowing strip reflective strip.  And it is coated with solvent acrylic glue,  with silicon release paper liner. 

Why choose anti skid tape?

  • Prevent slipping


  • Water-resistant (indoor and outdoor use)


  • Customized size(Convenient to use)


  • Super strong (Durable adhesive)


  • Multiple surfaces(wood, metal, concrete, and more)

What Is It Used For?

anti-slip tape

What do we have?

TypeItem No. Backing ThicknessInitial adhesion180° peel adhesionTensile strength
PVC non-slip tapeAST-7075CPVC+uartz sand/ emery sand,/alumina sand0.75mm≥10#≥8N/in≥40N/in
PET non-slip tapeAST-7075TPVC+emery sand0.75mm-0.85mm≥10#≥8N/in3kg/in
PEVA  non-slip tapeAST-7075APEVA0.75mm≥8#≥8N/in 

AST-7075C: Good flexibility, easy to tear by hand, fit on different surfaces, used in schools, malls, hospitals, corridors, and other places that need slip resistance;


AST-7075T: Very strong tensile strength, hardness, good water resistance, and chemical stability, used in schools, malls, hospitals, corridors, and other places that need slip resistance;


AST-7075A: Soft, environmentally friendly, flexible, and resistant to chemical corrosion, used in bathroom, bathtub, swimming pool;


How to install anti-skid tape on stairs?

Ready to work

  1. Use the multifunctional cleaner to clean the construction floor;
  2. After the water is over, use a clean mop to mop the ground dry. It must be ensured that the ground is dry and clean, free of water and oil;


  1. Trim the four corners of the non-slip sticker into rounded corners, and slowly stick it on the ground to ensure that the sticker
    Attached flat, no bubbles;
  2. Use a small rubber hammer or rubber roller to gently tap or roll the surface and edge of the non-slip sticker,
    Ensure firmness;


  1. The anti-slip stickers cannot be attached to the joints of the tiles, otherwise, the bonding performance will be affected;
  2. After the recommendation is posted, wait at least 8 hours before putting it into use;

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