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Acrylic Foam tape VS Double-sided Foam Tape

VHB-double sided tape

In practical applications, we often wonder which one is more suitable for our purposes, Acrylic foam tape vs double-sided foam tape? The answer is that it depends on our actual situation. Today we are going to talk about acrylic foam tape and double-sided foam tape. Understanding the differences between acrylic foam tape vs double-sided foam tape allows us to make better purchasing choices. They are both types of adhesive tapes commonly used for bonding and mounting applications. Firstly, we begin with the similarities of double-sided foam tape vs acrylic foam tape:


Double-sided foam tape vs acrylic foam tape has many applications including home and industrial. They are all can replace screws or bolts. They can stick to aluminum, wood, and glass. It also can withstand conditions such as heat and humidity. In addition to being used in various environments, double-sided foam tape can also be attached to the surfaces of different objects. They can be made in different thicknesses, sizes, and colors according to different uses. So we may be confused what is the difference between double-sided foam tape vs acrylic foam tape.

Composition of acrylic foam tape vs double-sided foam tape


Acrylic foam tape is made from a high-density acrylic foam core with acrylic adhesive on both sides.

Double-sided foam tape based on foam, both sides coated with acrylic adhesive and back with released film liner. Foam core provides cushioning and flexibility for a variety of surfaces. Factories often use PE/EVA/PU etc as core materials. Each type of foam offers unique properties to meet different application needs.

Bonding Strength

Short-Term vs Long-Term Bonding

Double-sided foam tape provides sufficient adhesion for short-term applications. The adhesive layer provides adequate grip for temporary fixing and lightweight applications. However, this effect may diminish over time, especially under conditions of stress or environmental changes.

double-sided foam tape

Acrylic foam tape, on the other hand, has excellent long-term adhesion. The base adhesive creates a pre-bonded bond that can withstand extreme temperatures and statistical environmental conditions. This tape is ideal for applications requiring permanent bonding, such as the automotive and construction industries.

Acrylic foam tape


Environmental Resistance

Double-sided foam tape performs well in controlled environments but struggles with harsh conditions. The adhesive can degrade when exposed to moisture, UV rays, or chemicals. This limitation makes it less suitable for outdoor or industrial applications.

Acrylic foam tapes have excellent environmental resistance. The composition of the tape ensures durability against moisture, UV rays, and chemicals. This property is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, including exposure to moisture or high temperatures. It also has good durability in industries such as aerospace and automotive.

3. Flexibility

Acrylic foam tape is often more flexible and conformable than double-sided foam tape. This allows it to adhere well to irregular surfaces and provide a strong bond even on curved or uneven surfaces.

4. Applications

Due to its superior strength and durability, acrylic foam tape is often used in demanding applications such as automotive, construction, and industrial bonding. It is commonly used for mounting body side moldings, trim, emblems, and other exterior parts. Double-sided foam tape, on the other hand, is frequently used for general mounting and joining applications in industries like signage, packaging, and crafts. People usually used for mounting lightweight items like pictures, mirrors, and decorative pieces.

5. Cost

Acrylic foam tape is generally more expensive than double-sided foam tape due to its advanced properties and excellent performance. Double-sided foam tape is often more affordable and readily available for everyday applications.


In summary, while both acrylic foam tape VS double-sided foam tape are adhesive tapes with similar purposes, acrylic foam tape offers superior strength, durability, and flexibility, making it more suitable for high requirement applications. Double-sided foam tape is often used for lighter-duty in our daily applications where cost and availability are important factors.



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